Your Questions Answered

Discover more about the transformative journey that awaits you!

Not only will you leave with the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself, but you’ll also carry away the experience of a lifetime. Our all-female team at Wink Boudoir is committed to ensuring your session is not only comfortable but truly enjoyable.

We understand that boudoir photography can be an intimidating prospect, which is why we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our mission is to create a space where you feel empowered, confident, and free to express your unique beauty.

As you consider your investment, our boudoir sessions, including professional hair and makeup, offer a range of collections to suit your preferences. Depending on the collection you choose, the average investment falls between $800 and $2100. It’s not just a photoshoot; it’s an investment in yourself, an opportunity to capture your beauty and strength in a way that will leave you with lasting memories and a renewed sense of self-love.

When you become our client, we ask you to sign a model release to understand your privacy preferences. If you want to keep everything 100% private, that’s totally an option! Your privacy is important to us, and we’ll absolutely respect your choice if you prefer to keep the images private.

Absolutely! We excel at finding the right poses, lighting, and suggesting the perfect lingerie. No matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, it doesn’t matter to us! This experience is all about making every woman feel like a stunning goddess.

Get ready for the full treatment – professional makeup, including false lashes, and hair styling are included in every session. We’ve got all your beauty needs covered!

We’ve got your back on every pose, from your head to your toes, even guiding you on where to look and how to express yourself. Every woman you spot on our Instagram and boudoir gallery online is just like you – they’re everyday women who didn’t have any modeling or posing experience.

Don’t stress about imperfections! Each photo undergoes a professional edit to ensure your final images look polished and flawless while still capturing your authentic self.

Expect a lingerie guide from us, so you can bring pieces that match your style. We’ll share plenty of ideas and chat about what types of items will look fantastic in photos!

We’ll shoot at our studio in downtown Plymouth.  Some clients also like to have their session in the comfort of their own home.

Let’s chat about finding a scheduling date that suits you best.

Plan on spending up to 3 hours on location, including time for hair and makeup.

You’ll receive your gallery about 2 weeks after the shoot and we’ll take it from there!

It’s ideal to book your session 6-8 weeks before you need the finished order. If you’re in a hurry, reach out to us, and we’ll let you know if we can meet your timeline.

Feel free to bring a female guest. Just give us a heads-up before the shoot, and please limit it to one person.

You’ll receive a prep guide and lingerie guide, so you’ll know exactly what to bring!

Absolutely, and we’re just as excited!